Singapore Pontianak Stories

It’s a pleasure to visit Singapore, especially these days.  The extremely rich cosmopolitan culture here means that there are always new things to see, products of the intense creativity of the artists who live here.  There are also a dizzying array of influences from around the world, and it’s long status as a major trading port has made it very open to new ideas and traditions.  It’s a great place to see new works of art, to enjoy excellent museums and fun attractions, and a great place to hear some great ghost stories.  While you’re here, getting a taste of the local culture, a Singapore food guide can certainly help you find the very best in local cooking.

The culinary traditions here are a mix of cultures, from Malay, to Chinese, to Indian, and beyond.  Singapore has a way of taking the very best of everything and creating something altogether new, and the results are absolutely delightful.  It’s very difficult to eat the same thing twice, because there is so much to choose from, and there’s always something new and tempting.  The combinations in the food are also reflected in other ways.  The local folktales and legends also come from a variety of places, and take on peculiar local features.  One of the spookiest figures in Singapore myth, surely, is the Pontianak.

This is a kind of local vampire, that has origins in stories from Malaysia, and the legends can be very chilling, or terrific fun, depending on your tastes.  The Poniatanak is the spirit of a woman who died during childbirth, and she returns in vampire form, with long black hair, and a white robe that goes below her feet, and she seeks revenge.  The are many different variations of the story, and some have the spirit of the child as her companion.  Either way, it’s good for some scary bedtime stories, and better not to meet one in person.  If you do, however, one good way to cure the spirit is to trim her hair and nails and insert them into the hole in the back of her neck.

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