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Shakira Means Nothing in Tennis

It wasn’t an easy week for Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, whose knee kept him out of the Barcelona open. Following the win against Fernando Verdasco, which was a stunning game all around, there’s still plenty that this pro can…Continue Reading →

Buying or Renting a Home

Finding the perfect home to raise your family in is a big decision. There are a lot of factors to consider from the size to the location. The slump in the housing market has caused many to question whether it…Continue Reading →

Primary Flight – Miami

It’s a city that continually challenges and frustrates expectations. For the local art lovers and artists, and for visitors, too, this is a pretty wonderful thing. Confounded expectations usually translate to delightful surprises, and this makes for a rather lively…Continue Reading →

Conan Moving On

Many fans were upset by the tacky take-over of the Tonight Show and NBC’s poor handling of the situation that landed star Conan O’Brien without a job.  Always the comedian, O’Brien has managed to land this one on his feet. …Continue Reading →

Falling In Love With Owl City

I must admit I had never heard of this group, Owl City, before this week; however, after hearing their song Vanilla Twilight I fell in love.  They have a unique contemporary sound that is great for just driving down the…Continue Reading →

Dad To The Rescue

Growing up we often look up to our fathers as our heroes.  This is especially true for little girls who see their fathers as their protector and rescuer.  You can rest assured that is how 2-year-old Bridget will be seeing…Continue Reading →