Realtors and their Cars

Most realtors have a love affair with their vehicle.  It is a necessary part of the impression that they give to clients.  It exudes success and taste.

Everyone who owns and drives an automobile is going to encounter some kind of a problem with it at least once, though most likely once a year. This part of vehicle ownership is guaranteed and inevitable. You may have control over the quality of car you drive, but even the best makes and models have maintenance and periodic repair needs. The point of this isn’t to upset or stress out anyone, but to also bring up the fact that while you can’t control road conditions or have advanced knowledge of every issue your car will encounter, you can absolutely take control of how you respond to these situations. And this is the key to affecting your stress levels in dealing with auto issues as well as offering a greater sense of peace of mind to you while you are on the road.

One of the first and obvious things you will want to do as a car or truck owner is to sign up with one of the roadside service companies such as AAA , for guaranteed, and quick, response and assistance with unexpected breakdowns and other performance issues. In addition, it is an excellent idea to make sure that the items in your glove compartment includes the basic service manual that originally came with your vehicle or one that you have purchased since assuming ownership.

This does not mean that you are expected to make your own auto repairs. What it does guarantee is that you have an immediate resource that can give you professionally based information on most or all issues that are bound to arise, or are at least possible to, at some point with your car. If you have a Chevy S-10, placing a Chevrolet s-10 repair manual in your glove compartment will lead to a greater piece of mind, and this is true regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. You may even realize that some of the standard issues such as headlight and fuse replacement, brake repair, or changing the windshield wipers is much easier than you had imagined and you are more than capable of doing these and other minor replacements on your own.

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  1. Craig says:

    Unlike most professions, realtors cars are like mobile offices. A nice, clean, well-maintained car gives the impression that they are successful and capable of selling your house and finding you a new one. It’s an investment in your business and a necessary expense.

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