Most Expensive Apartments in NYC

New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Not surprising given the sheer number of people trying to find housing in such a small geographical area.  There’s a reason the city builds up instead of out. There is no “out” left.  A side effect of this upward growth is that no one really wants to live at street level.  They want to live above the bustle and noise of the street, which is why the penthouse is THE prime location in any hotel or apartment building.

Ever wondered what it costs to live in luxury in such an expensive city?

High Rise Rents

Waldolf Astoria There are still some luxury apartments to be had for less than $100,000 a month (yes, a month), but that number is falling. These apartments span multiple floors, have huge rooms for entertaining, and sought-after addresses, as well as the normal perks of great views, security, and doormen.

Here are 5 apartments currently listed at over $100,000/month:

  • Trump Park Avenue has a penthouse available for $125,000.
  • The penthouse at the Waldorf Astoria is listed at $135,000.
  • For $150,000 a month you can rent a triplex in the Berwind Mansion.
  • How about paying $450,000 rent? That would get you the Presidential Suite at the Surrey Hotel.
  • Or for a mere $500,000 you can live in the Pierre Hotel’s 39th Floor — the entire floor.

What do you get for those top rents? Private gardens, rooftop terraces, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.  From the hotels you also get all sorts of amenities like maid service, pet care, butler service or the use of a hotel car, in the case of the Pierre Hotel it’s a Jaguar complete with a chauffeur.

Purchase Prices

Some of those apartments are listed as for sale as well as to rent for tens of millions of dollars. The most expensive apartments in New York are worth much more than that.  You may have read about an Arab buyer who wants to merge three apartments into one unit for $220 million.  That isn’t an official sale, so it doesn’t count, yet.

Here’s the five most expensive apartments recently listed/sold in NYC:

  • Penthouse at One57 — $100.5 million ($9,000 per square foot)
  • 220 Central Park South (penthouse) — $100 million ($10,500 per square foot)
  • 12-16 East 62nd (triple townhouse) — $120 million
  • Triplex at 520 Park Ave (yes, it’s also a penthouse) – $130 million ($10,486 per square foot)
  • 550 Madison (penthouse in the Sony Building) – $150 million ($6,975 per square foot)

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the rental units or the purchase price, the number of people who could actually afford to live in these apartments are a rare bunch of celebrities, business moguls, and royalty from around the world. If you get good money management tips from sites like maybe you could save enough money to rent one of those penthouses for a night or two.

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