Paying Tribute to the Beatles

There are few musical groups in history that have generated the level of admiration, respect, and affection as the Beatles. While early critics may have written off Beatlemania as a hormonal reaction by the teenage girls that made up most…Continue Reading →

Chopin’s Muse

The great artists in the world often have great muses, women or men whose lives serve as an inspiration. For the greatest musicians, these muses were often considered, by them, to be the source of the music itself. It does…Continue Reading →

London Club Notes

Anyone who goes to a club is looking for something. Usually it’s something very particular, and usually is exactly what everyone thinks it is, and that’s a good thing. Because it’s easier to meet people knowing that everyone’s there for…Continue Reading →

Falling In Love With Owl City

I must admit I had never heard of this group, Owl City, before this week; however, after hearing their song Vanilla Twilight I fell in love.  They have a unique contemporary sound that is great for just driving down the…Continue Reading →

Love San Francisco

If you have been staying at a great hotel like this and you have been to all the crowded attractions like a whole day just to visit Alcatraz and spend time on the Fisherman’s Wharf. Maybe you caught a comedy…Continue Reading →