Flipping Houses and Making a Profit

There haven’t been many positive aspects of the recent recession—unemployment reaching record highs, many struggling to make ends meet, limited job prospects—and one of the hardest hit industries has been real estate.  But there have been some unintended blessings.  For…Continue Reading →

Tax Breaks For Race Tracks

While most people were worried about how last minute fiscal cliff legislation would affect their paychecks, owners of race tracks around the country were watching to see whether a temporary tax incentive would be renewed. It was. Unlike football and…Continue Reading →

Realtors and their Cars

Most realtors have a love affair with their vehicle.  It is a necessary part of the impression that they give to clients.  It exudes success and taste. Everyone who owns and drives an automobile is going to encounter some kind…Continue Reading →

Investing in Real Estate

Now that the real estate recovery is underway, investors are returning to the market in a big way.  While it is easiest for larger corporations and trusts to take advantage of foreclosed properties, falling prices, and low interest rates, a…Continue Reading →

Benefits of Going Solar

As it does in many things, California is leading the country in converting homes and businesses to solar energy . This is due in large part to cooperation between the state and utility companies in providing incentives for installing solar…Continue Reading →